Yigal Landau in a column in Calcalist: “How did the gas pipeline become a political weapon?”

Published in Calcalist on July 6, 2015

Yigal Landau was interviewed for an article published by Calcalist and explained that phrases like “the gas robbery” do not do justice to the citizens of Israel. The gas industry has been booming for over 3 years but after quite a few committees, industry has again ground to a halt, when at the end of 2014, the Antitrust Commissioner withdrew from the agreement signed with the gas companies.

“A lot of information is thrown around,” says Yigal Landau, and the public is confused and rightly so, and this is how the gas pipeline became a political weapon. The political objectives have long been out of line with reality.

Yigal Landau explains that the use of the word monopoly is not what the companies want. The only two reasons that the monopoly was formed was that they didn’t find gas in the past, and that other international companies avoid entering Israel.

He adds that “the Australian company Woodside, which was prior to signing an investment in Leviathan totaling $ 2.7 billion, withdrew it at the last minute due to red tape and the public-media frenzy. We were told explicitly that these were the reasons.”

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