From The Marker: Ratio holds 15% of the Leviathan Reservoir

Published on June 6, 2010

According to an article published on the website “The Marker,” the value of the Landau and Rotlevy family holdings in the Ratio Company reached 375 million shekels. The Ratio partnership holds around 15% of the Leviathan reservoir and the company is the first to have held the Ratio Yam permit.

Ratio was required to pay around one million dollars for developing the permitted fields, and approached Noble Energy and the Delek Group. In addition to holding the Ratio Yam permit for Leviathan, Ratio holds a preliminary maritime permit for Gal (100%), which is located 150km west of Netanya, borders Ratio Yam licenses to the east and stretches west and south of them.

Click on the picture in order to read the full article on the “The Marker” website:

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