Israeli Government does not give up on gas export

Calcalist, Sept 12 2013

The government has requested to bring forward the Supreme Court hearing on gas exports, following a postponement from the original date. Ratio CEO Yigal Landau noted that while everyone in Israel seems to think that gas flies through the air, Lebanon has recently tendered 5 offshore blocks for oil and gas exploration.

“They’ve made this issue part of the social justice protests, when it has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Gas exports will actually reduce taxation, because revenues to the government from four months of exported gas are comparable to reducing VAT by 1 percent. I can’t understand why it has taken the government a year to approve the Zemach committee conclusions, which were submitted in August 2012,” said Landau. “It’s too bad, because it’s all just a waste of words.”

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From Calcalist - Yigal Landau

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